"Whilst pruning my orchard last spring, the ladder slipped and I fell 8ft landing heavily on my upper back and neck. I was in severe pain and unable to carry out even the most simplistic of daily tasks. I approached Carolyn Greenhalgh, osteopath, at the Oaklands Clinic, 91 Compstall Road, Romiley.

Carolyn assessed my condition and recommended a course of osteopathy treatment. I attended the clinic for 6 weeks, during this time Carolyn worked on my back and gave me a series of exercises to perform twice daily. Gradually I felt an improvement and the pain started to subside allowing my mobility to gradually return. 

I would highly recommend Carolyn Greenhalgh to anyone who is seeking osteopathy treatment; she is an excellent osteopath with a charming personality".

Stuart H. Walsh- Romiley

"Carolyn is the only person I let treat my neck and back. Thoroughly professional and the only person to diagnose my torn shoulder properly! Utterly brilliant"
Angela H- Romiley

"I have been seeing Carolyn for many years. I have been impressed with her ability to keep my "creaky" back stable allowing me to keep very active.

Carolyn makes time to listen and to understand the whole person.
Thank you".

Sheila O- Marple  

"Carolyn listens, explains & treats holistically - considering other health issues which may be impacting on the problem presented"
Kath G- Romiley

"Professional, friendly and helped me get back on track a few times. Would recommend Carolyn anytime."

 Roger B- Romiley


"When I didn't think there was a solution to my back I thankfully found Carolyn who helped me sooooooo much. highly recommended" :)

 Abi Jae- Hyde